the turn key philosophy

Every philosophy takes birth from a deep sense of responsibility accompanied by profound thinking. Therefore,
when applied, these philosophies prove to be fruitful. Hekur's Turn Key Philosophy is no exception. It says:


To be precise, share the dreams of your perfect abode with us and all you have to do is come back and get
the key to the front door. We call it a completely personal philosophy which defines the experience of any individual letting
Hekur partner their dreams.

We are one of India's leading developers of home and office spaces and when you talk with us, you are laying
the first brick of your ideal living space. When it comes to construction, Hekur is equipped with experts from all domains ranging from
planning and designing to construction plus our own brand of home fixtures,
an asset that paints us different. With all these entities we make sure to turn that exact dream of yours to absolute reality.